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Annette Gray-Jackson RMT
Annette Gray-Jackson RMT

Annette Graduated from Trillium College in Kingston in 2011.  Annette began her practice at a Chiropractic clinic in Perth, Ont while also practicing as a solo practitioner in Sharbot Lake. After 3 years of working in both locations Annette decided that her clientele in the Sharbot Lake clinic was such that she could practice full time in Sharbot Lake.  This developed into a very busy full time practice and multidisciplinary clinic.  In March of 2020 with Covid shutdowns Annette decided that it was a good time to pursue another career interest and began working full time in the Real Estate industry in May of 2020, becoming a licensed Realtor in August of 2020.  After a 3 year hiatus from the Massage Therapy field Annette was drawn to return to the field and her clients.  Annette will be practicing on a part time basis from October to April annually and continue to operate as a licensed Realtor full time.  


Annette enjoys integrating many modalities learned from post grad courses into her treatments to complement the Swedish Massage Techniques that are the basis of Registered Massage Therapy.  Treating clients with headaches, jaw and neck pain are of particular interest to Annette.


Annette lives in Sharbot Lake with her husband, 3 young adult children and 2 Golden Retrievers.  She is not looking forward to next year when she and her husband will officially become empty nesters with all 3 kids in post secondary education.  


Being part of clients' wellness goals through Registered Massage Therapy is one of Annette's favorite parts of this profession.

Post grad courses: 

TMJ Mastery,

Craniosacral Therapy level 1,

Cupping 1 &2,

Ultrasound, tens & IFC,


Indie Head massage,

Sports massage,

Rib mobilizations,

SI Joint dysfunction,

Hot stone massage,

Integrated Manual Therapy Upper and Lower body.

Annette's Hours:

Thursdays 10am-2pm

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