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Cheryl Shurtliffe
Certified Hypnotherapist
Cheryl Shurtliffe CH

Cheryl Shurtliffe, is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Life Coach, and the heart behind Wellness 360 Hypnotherapy and Coaching, guiding transformations since 2014.


With a dedicated focus on Mental Health and Addiction challenges, Cheryl's 20+ years having worked in the these fields radiate through her warm, compassionate approach. Her gentle demeanour instantly dissolves discomfort and fears, creating a safe space for growth. Cheryl's mission is to be your unwavering partner on this transformative journey, lighting the way towards a future defined by empowerment, wholeness, and authentic well-being.

Ready to Break Free and Heal Strong? Cheryl equips you with empowering hypnosis techniques, unravelling the grip of challenges.

Cheryl will be accepting new clients at our clinic on Thursday afternoon and evening. 

To book with Cheryl Shurtliffe, CH:

Tel. or Text: 613 888-5377



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