Private Yoga

Melanie loves talking all things pelvic health so much it’s infectious – or really annoying, it all depends on where you’re sitting. Literally. It’s like she can’t stop reading about it, learning about it, writing about it and teaching it.


She’s studied many different styles of yoga, but really she just teaches awareness of sensation, intuitive movement and finding what feels good in every body. Melanie has been teaching yoga for a long time, but she still mixes up her left and right at least once in every class she teaches. She may refer to the wall as the floor, your foot as a flipper and call your fingers your toes. She tries to keep it light hearted, laughs at herself and may have you doing something silly in class like neighing while in rocking horse.  


She loves working with pregnant and new mamas helping them to find more balance in their life through yoga, mindfulness and self-care. She’s a really cool teacher, who cares a lot about her students. When she asks at the start of class how you are doing today – she really wants to know, how are you really feeling right now.

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