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Jordin's Hours:

Thursday 2:30pm-8:30pm

Sunday 10am-4pm

Jordin Lewis
Reiki Practitioner

After 13 Years of reception and admin experience Jordin decided to be the one doing the hands-on healing rather than being behind the desk. Jordin takes a mind, body, and spirit approach with all of her healing modalities.


Many people ask what Reiki Is: Reiki is a Japanese healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. It is given by laying of hands. Reiki is an energy healing treatment that works holistically; on the whole body, mind and spirit. It is a relaxation treatment where natural healing vibrations are transmitted through the hands of a practitioner to the body of the recipient. 

The Purpose of Reiki: Relieves stress and pain, induces relaxation, releases emotional blockages, accelerates natural healing, balances subtle body energies.

Why I got into Reiki: I first got into it because I was going through some things, had tried everything and was willing to try anything else that might work. My family did some research and found a Reiki practitioner in the area and I had my first treatment. Immediately I felt relief of the anxiousness I was feeling. I continued going and eventually decided to get my Levels 1 and Level 2.

What to expect in my treatments: I may also add in crystals as well as I enjoy using the extra boost of energy they add to the experience. I am an intuitive as well, and you may also receive messages as part of your journey in my treatments.

Continuing Education: I am currently in the process of doing my Level 3 and Master’s so I can teach others to be a practitioner as well.

What I like to do in my spare time: I work on my business, I love to work with crystals, tarot readings, and meditation. When I’m not working on my self practice you can see me out with my friends grabbing a coffee or a quiet night in. Laughter is some of the best medicine.  

What I am most proud of professionally: Taking an extremely hard time and turning it around into something positive. Giving back to my community to pay it forward.


Level 1 Reiki Certified

November 18/19, 2017 Kingston, ON with Michelle Breede

Level 2 Reiki Certified

February 10/11, 2018 Kingston, ON with Michelle Breede

Massage Therapy Diploma (awaiting complete certification)

2019-2021 Kingston, ON Trillium College

Office Administration Diploma