Lisa Robitaille Hon. BA., MA.

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Lisa Robitaille Hon. BA., MA. (Human Systems Intervention) is a Sound Healing Therapist and Integral Based Life Coach. Lisa has led a variety of transformation workshops in Montreal & Kingston. Lisa has studied Insight Meditation, with 230 hours meditation hours, and is the Founder and Manager of Meditation Kingston and Meditation Belleville.

Lisa has a passion for meditation, and sound as a way to bring health and wellness to her clients. She has researched how sound vibrations that move through the body, combined with meaningful intention, and guided meditation, relieve stress and change brainwaves from Beta (the alert brainwave) to Theta (the resting, calm brainwave).


Lisa completed her Life Coaching certification in 2015 through Integral Coaching Canada under the direction of Laura Divine and is completing her Sound Therapy Certification at the Institute of Traditional Medicine with Mytrae Meliana, Laur Fugere and Gary Diggins.


Sound Therapy (2019)

Integral Associate Life Coach (2015)

Reiki Level 1 (2013)

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