Sound Therapy

Sound healing therapy uses aspects of audio music and instruments to improve physical and emotional health and well-being. 


A Sound Healing Therapy session with Lisa may involve:

  • Listening to audio music

  • Listening to sound instruments 

  • Listening to Voice scapes 

  • Meditating

  • Breath work

  • Energy exchange

  • Healing Touch


Some of the positive outcomes of the research being done using sound include:

  • Stress reduction 

  • Sleep improvement 

  • Anxiety alleviation 

  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorders

  • End of life care

Lisa uses evidence-based Sound Frequencies created with various instruments, in combination with voice and audio, to bring about emotional and physical wellness.


A typical session would be 10 minutes of guided meditation instruction, to learn the basics of how to meditate successfully, followed by a sound vibration session.


Sound vibration is a simple and effective way to support those dealing with all levels of stress and insomnia. The instruments chosen encourage the brain to move from a Beta wave (alert, fight/flight) to Theta waves which allow the brain and body to relax and move into a meditative state.


Guided Visualizations & Life Coaching can also be part of the sessions and depends on where a client’s need lie. In a sound therapy session you will remain clothed and lay comfortably on a massage table or on a yoga mat. 


*Sound therapy sessions with sound therapist student Lisa are 60 min in length $40 +hst and may involve answering a short survey post treatment as well as the opportunity for you to be a case study in Lisa's learning. * Fees applicable until end of 2019, updated fees 2020.

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