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Kingston Infant Massage

Infant Massage is a practice that nurtures the bond between parent and child, offering a range of benefits that support the baby's physical and emotional development.


Through gentle, thoughtful touch, parents can learn techniques that significantly aid in their baby's digestion, relieve constipation, and enhance sleep and relaxation. This practice is instrumental in fostering deeper connections, providing relief from colic, gas, and contributing to the overall well-being of the infant. 

Infant held up before a massage treatment
Infant receiving a foot massage

Infant Massage Benefits

Infant Massage is more than just a soothing touch; it’s a tool that can significantly improve the quality of life for both the baby and the parents. It supports vital functions such as digestion and sleep while offering relief from discomforts like constipation and colic.


The act of massaging your baby not only aids in their physical health but also plays a crucial role in emotional development, enhancing relaxation and the sense of security. Furthermore, this practice strengthens the bond between parent and child, creating moments of closeness and mutual trust that are invaluable.

Our Soothing Approach

We understand the importance of these early interactions and are committed to providing comprehensive support to families. Our Infant Massage classes are led by experienced therapists who teach parents the techniques using a doll, allowing for hands-on practice with their baby.

Sessions last anywhere between 30-40 minutes depending on the baby.

  • One-on-one in clinic: 30-40 min for $73

  • At your home (3 baby minimum): $45 each

  • Group class in clinic: $45 each (classes held once a month)

  • At-home instructional video: $45


Mercury Massage Infant Massage Therapy

Check out via gift certificate (to you, from you if buying for yourself) and choose 40 minute Infant Massage VIDEO as the service. Once payment is received you will get an additional email with the video attachment.

You can also send $50.85 EMT payment to: with memo line: Infant Massage VIDEO and your email address.

Begin Your Journey

Unlock the benefits of Infant Massage for your family. Whether you choose to participate in our clinic sessions, host a group at your home, or learn through our instructional video, Mercury Massage is here to guide you. Our flexible pricing options ensure that every family can access the support they need.

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