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Epsom Salts

Epsom salts perfect for after your massage. Individually packaged, 2 cups of salts, is the perfect amount for one bath.

Available in:

Just plain salts

Sea Salt with Essential Oils

Lavender from a local lavender farm


Infant Massage Video

Infant Massage Instruction Video

40 min follow along instructional video on how to give your baby a full body massage. Learn techniques that help with baby's:

  • digestion

  •  constipation

  •  sleep

  •  relaxation

  •  bonding

  •  colic, gas and much more!

Taught by Michaela Doolittle RMT.


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Breath & Core Class Video

90 min recorded class on breath and core techniques. Learn to calm your nervous system, access all the structures of the deep core, help to improve symptoms associated with loss of core strength such as low back pain, hip tightness and neck tension.

Taught by Laurie DiGiulio RMT. 


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