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Pregnancy Massage

Massage can help throughout all trimesters of pregnancy to help cope with the aches and pains of a woman’s changing body. Back pain, swelling in legs and feet, headaches, insomnia can all be treated with Massage Therapy.



•Studies support what more and more women are discovering about massage therapy during pregnancy – it has been shown to:


 •improve maternal mood

 •decrease depression and anxiety

 •decrease pain

 •decrease stress hormones in pregnant women

 •decrease obstetrical complications, and

 •improve neonatal health and development.

For pregnancy massage we do have a prenatal bolster that allows you to lay face down comfortably until you reach 11 or 12 weeks dependent on size of baby and your comfort level. The bolster also converts to assist in a comfortable side-lying position which gives the RMT complete access to your back and hips. 

Sidelying Prenatal
Pregnancy bolsters
Supine Prenatal
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