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Welcome to Mercury Massage Therapy

Kingston Registered Massage Therapy

We are a health and wellness clinic located in the West end of Kingston, Ontario and focus on Registered Massage Therapy and Registered Acupuncture. We also share the space with a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) in our upstairs office. 


As health care practitioners we are dedicated to providing you with professional health care that best meets your individual needs. Our training, knowledge and compassion for our clients creates an environment in which we offer exemplary client focused care.

Reception at Mercury Massage Therapy in Kingston

Our Massage Treatments

Swedish Massage

Enhance relaxation and circulation with gentle, effective strokes in this classic therapeutic massage.

Hot Stone Massage

Experience deep muscle relaxation and improved well-being with the soothing warmth of hot stones.

Relaxation Massage

Induce deep relaxation, reduce stress, and promote mental calm with smooth, flowing strokes.

Sports Massage

Optimize athletic performance and recovery while preventing injuries with targeted massage techniques.

Pregnancy Massage

Alleviate pregnancy-related discomfort and stress, promoting safety and relaxation for mothers.

Cupping Therapy

Stimulate blood flow, relieve muscle tension, and promote healing with traditional suction cups.

Myofascial Release

Relieve pain and improve movement by easing muscle and connective tissue tension throughout the body.

Infant Massage

Foster bonding and enhance your baby’s development with gentle, nurturing massage techniques.

Indie Head Massage

Relieve stress and improve scalp health with ancient techniques focusing on head and shoulders.

Your Wellness, Our Mission

We pride ourselves on providing professional registered massage therapy to a diverse clientele. Whether you're seeking relief from chronic pain, looking to reduce stress, or enhancing your overall wellness, our team of skilled therapists is committed to delivering personalized care that meets your individual needs.


Our range of services, including Swedish deep tissue massage, sports massage, pregnancy massage, and more, ensures that everyone can find the right treatment. Experience the healing power of massage therapy at Mercury Massage Therapy, where every patient is welcomed with open arms and treated with utmost professionalism.

Entrance sign to Mercury Massage Therapy in Kingston

Your Local Massage Experts

Elevate your well-being with just a click. Book your session at Mercury Massage Therapy now and experience the transformative touch of our expert therapists. Tailored to your individual needs, each session promises not just relief but a step towards lasting health. Book Your Massage Today!

Massage therapy bed in a room

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Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 8am - 8:30pm
​​Saturday: 10am - 3pm
​Sunday: Closed



670 Fortune Cres. Unit 6, Kingston, ON


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