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Fee Schedule

Back Massage

RMT Massage

30 min $73

45 min $89

60 min $105

75 min $126

90 min $147


Hot Stone Massage

RMT Massage

45 min Indie Head Massage $94

60 min Hot Stone Massage $115


Acupuncture Close Up

Registered Acupuncture

Initial consult + treatment

45 min $80

Follow up appointment

30 min $65


All registered massage therapy treatment fees are applicable to HST.


Insurance receipts are provided for all RMT treatments.

Cancellation Policy

We require 24 hours notice to cancel any appointment. If less than 24 hrs notice is given you will be charged 50% of the scheduled appointment fee. If there is no notice of cancellation, the full amount of the scheduled appointment fee will be charged. We value your time so please respect ours.

We do direct bill massage therapy for some private insurance providers. Please inquire at your initial appointment to be set up for future appointments. Please note that not all RMTs direct bill, but DO provide an official receipt which you may use to bill your insurance. You are responsible for payment of your treatment in the event that your private insurance does not process through the direct billing portal.


Payment Methods

Debit, Credit, Exact cash, some therapists also accept E Transfer

*fees as of June 1, 2024; subject to change at any time*

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